Friday, May 29, 2020

Feature Friday

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday. I LOVE Fridays. Partly because they tend to signal the end of the week and welcome in a well-deserved break where I can put my feet up and crochet for a bit. But also because Fridays are just FUN. Everyone seems to be in a better mood on Fridays. (Maybe it's because they are looking forward to Happy Hour, but whatever the reason, I'll take it!)

Each Friday here on the blog, I'd like to feature a website, crafter, blog, or a tip I've learned that makes me happy to be part of the crafting world. I won't feature anyone or anything I can't personally vouch for. Enjoy!

For my first Feature Friday, I would be remiss if I didn't feature my lovely friends at Happily Hooked Magazine. First of all, is the name not the best thing? I love it.

HHM is a digital magazine dedicated to crochet. Each month you get a full-color magazine that you can download full of articles and patterns to give a try. You can also sign up for the Pattern Pack Pro subscription which gives you even more awesome patterns each month. You can also download a print-friendly option that doesn't include the articles and extra stuff, it just literally allows you to print the patterns with nothing extra.

You can even save your magazine to Ravelry (a free crafting website) so you never have to worry about losing your patterns.

Happily Hooked is a paid subscription but you do have the option to sign up for a lifetime membership and it will be worth your while. In addition, you can join their Facebook community (you must be a paid member to join which is why I have not included a link to it) and you'll have thousands of crafters at your fingertips ready to help you with any questions or issues. Sometimes we are literally just there to cheer each other on and it's awesome.

My favorite part about Happily Hooked (aside from all of the amazing patterns of course) is the friendship in the community. Truly, I thought I was just signing up for a magazine subscription -- I had no idea that being part of that community would push me out of my comfort zone and have me making hats, cardigans and more. It is truly amazing.

If you decide to join, you won't regret it, I promise you won't. I'd love to know if you decide to check them out!


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