Monday, May 25, 2020


Welcome to Crochet by Raye!

I'm super excited to welcome you to my new blog.

I'm not a stranger to blogging. Once upon a time, I had quite a popular teaching blog (roughly 2010-2015). Over time, however, as I got busier with actually teaching, I had less time to blog and I just lost interest in it.

These days, I have found myself wanting to have a way to share my love of crochet with a bigger audience than my friends on Facebook (some of whom probably "liked" my page just because we are friends *wink*).

I'm not an expert. Not by any means! I am very early in my crochet journey. I don't know how to write a crochet pattern yet, I still mess up on swatches, I don't know all of the tricks.

BUT I have a passion for the craft and I love to challenge myself and learn more so here we are. I'd love you to drop me a note to let me know your preferred craft and how you got started.


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