Wednesday, May 27, 2020

WIP Wednesday

I am a crazy crafter.

I do not like to work on one thing at a time until I finish it. Nope. I like to have multiple projects going at any one time.

As I am still relatively new to crochet, I thought perhaps I was just weird. (And honestly, I blamed my ADHD a little for my zest for multiple works in progress.) As I have grown into my craft and begun to connect with other crafters, I have realized that it's really not that abnormal to have multiple projects going at any one time. (In fact, one gal I know admitted that she has 17 different WIPs right now!)

Each Wednesday, I'll post a WIP (Work in Progress) piece for WIP Wednesday.

This week, I am actually going to feature three different WIPs! Click on the titles to find the patterns on Ravelry.

WIP #1 Men's Moccasins

Okay....I realize this does not look like much of anything. My daughter thought it was the start of a hat! This is just the sole and one row of the sides so that's why it looks so weird. These will be a gift for my husband for Father's Day this year. It's my first time making any kind of footwear so I'm excited to see how this one turns out!

WIP #2 HHM Cozy Cocoon Cardigan

Honesty alert. I actually made this cardigan once...and it was SO HUGE. I didn't check my gauge and thus it was way bigger than it should be. #Oops Alas I just took the cuffs back off and made it a wrap instead because I was not going to undo all of that work!! So here is my 2nd try. Note the massive amount of stitch markers this time. #LiveAndLearn

WIP #3 Peyton Parashawl

This project was actually a challenge in a crochet community I'm part of. I had a lovely yarn I was so excited to use for this project and it just wasn't working up the way I wanted it to. (I may or may not be picky.) So I put it aside and now I'm picking it back up but with a different yarn (the pattern calls for Weight 1 yarn, I'm using a Weight 4 yarn). I had to modify the pattern or it would be way too long but I'm excited. I think the colors are fun and it will be a cute shawl for summer nights.

I'd love to see what you are working on! Drop me a picture in the comments :)


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