Monday, June 29, 2020

Motivation Monday - Never Say Never

As I have mentioned previously, I just began to crochet about 6 months ago. It's crazy when I really think about that because when I consider where I started to where I am feels like much more than 6 months have passed by. (Although to be fair, with our stay at home orders from mid-March through early June, I had a lot more time to practice than I otherwise would have!)

Today's motivation is about Never Saying Never. 

We've all heard that phrase before at some point. Usually, it is said to us when we've proclaimed we will never be caught dead doing [whatever it is]. I remember when the Kindle reader was first coming out, I was like "nah, I think I'll keep reading real books." As you can probably imagine, it wasn't long before I was eating those words. (If I had to guess, I'd say I have 380+ books on my Kindle.)

When we think about crocheting, it is so important to never say never, especially when you're first getting started. It can be so overwhelming when you first begin. You realize other people know terms you don't know or use abbrieviations you've never heard of and it's very easy to feel like "nope, this is too much" and go back to watching TV.

As a member of the Happily Hooked Community (through a paid subscription), I have access to a Temperature Blanket pattern. I took one look at it when I first joined and was scared out of my wits. I was just not ready to tackle a 365 day project! 

Alas, I am so much more comfortable in my abilities now that I AM going to tackle that blanket...not just once, but twice! 

I am using years already past so I don't have to stick to the one row per day guide since I'm not using the year 2020. I am going to make a blanket for November 2001-October 2002 for my 18 year old and December 2002-November 2003 for my 17 year old (note there is only a month missing between the end of one and start of the other!). 

I'm a little nervous because its a huge project anyway I'll be making TWO of them. That means I need to get myself in gear and finish up some of my WIPs as well so I have plenty of time to dedicate to these lovely gifts for my kids.

Again, six months ago I wouldn't have dared even think about trying this pattern. Truthfully FOUR months ago, when I joined the community I wasn't even willing to consider it. But now I am so much more confident that if I mess up, I can undo it and rework a row or two. It's not a big's part of the process.

So my challenge to you is this: think about a pattern you REALLY want to make but have been scared to try. Then buy the yarn and give it a try!! You CAN do it!


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