Wednesday, June 10, 2020

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Gosh, this week is flying away from me. My 18-year-old, who just graduated from high school, got a job in a whirlwind on Monday and started yesterday and I've been tackling paperwork and whatnot to close down my school year. Needless to say, I forgot it was Wednesday!

I think Work in Progress Wednesday is my favorite because I love to show off what I'm working on (and we've established I always have more than one project on the go *wink*).

#1 Lana Square
I know it doesn't LOOK like a square yet but this is the start. These colors are so much fun together. I'm using weight 4 and it calls for weight 2 yarn so it's going to be large, but that's fine because it's gorgeous and such a fun pattern.

This is a completed Lana Square that I did over the weekend so you can see how it starts as a circle and turns into a square. This is hanging in my dining room. 

#2 Choose Happy Wall Hanging 
I seriously love this pattern. I think it's so pretty. I am making this for one of my principals who is moving to another school. She has every right to be salty about it but she is choosing to see joy in the change and I thought this would be perfect as something she can hang in her new office.

As you can see, it is worked from the bottom up. I cannot wait to give this to her. I think she will love it and that red really makes the white letters pop out.

What happy things are you crocheting today?


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