Thursday, June 17, 2021

Rebranding & New Store!

Well, hello there!

Who knew that the last time I posted here at Crochet by Raye, almost an entire year would go by before I posted again. (If that doesn't sum up 2020, I'm not sure what does!)

In late August of 2020, about a week before school began, my district called me and asked me to take a new position that someone had vacated at the last second. I accepted and that put me on a whirlwind year of virtual and hybrid teaching that not a single soul could have prepared me for. It was beyond exhausting at times but exhilarating when we finally got to have students in front of us for real again. (And thank goodness, ZERO hybrid teaching in 2021-2022!)

Alas, this blog and my shop went to the wayside. I never planned for Crochet by Raye to become a full-time job anyway but I do feel bad that it's been somewhat neglected. 

I've had a couple weeks off from school now and am about to begin teaching summer school, but this blog kept coming back to me. 

I don't pretend to be an expert or want to have 5 billion followers who hang on my every word...but I do like to share and grow with others who have similar passions. 

As such I have rebranded with a fun, new logo and opened up my shop at Square. This enables me to keep all of my inventory in ONE place and whether I sell online or at a craft show, it's all coming from the exact same inventory. 

You can visit my new shop here. As my grand re-opening, everything in my shop is on sale! 

I've learned a lot of techniques in the last year since I've been posting and I'm hoping to get my YouTube channel going with new content as well, although truthfully, I am less inclined to focus my attention there than on the blog. We shall see what I have time for!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!


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